Gallery Kostecki


Beach, 2017, oil on canvas (80 x 100 cm, 31 X 39")

»The artist’s vision is expressed in his ability to evoke a plethora of human emotions, longing, desire, passion, fear, all attuned to the soulfulness of each observer. The landscapes and sceneries depicted, glad in the tranquil colors of the Mediterranean and filled with archetypes of human civilization, promote the reflection on the universality of symbolism. Drawing on his own experiences, collected during countless travels, the artist imparts his inspiration. Many of his simplistic yet always sincere depictions are aimed at the artist’s desire to share his fascination and love for the beauty of the architectural and anatomical. Much in Tomasz Kostecki’s work is borrowed from his recollections of his mother country, Poland. Despite being a citizen of the world he has never forgotten his Polish roots and the environment in which he was first taught the Slavic artist’s sensitivity.

Tomasz Kostecki’s work is defined by his mastery of his expressionism and the refinement of his technique. His dedication, commitment to and respect for perfectionism has come to fruition in the form of an assortment of artistic resources utilized in the articulation of the artist’s visions. His work cannot be imagined using descriptions, it must be seen and felt in order to experience its full impact.«

Wojciech Plewko, Ph.D.
Vice President, European Academy of Arts Warsaw, Poland

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