Photo: Tomasz Kostecki

Tomasz Kostecki was born on December 18, 1964 in Poland and was trained at the School of Arts at Zakopane, Poland. Through many exhibitions all over the world, the artist has had the opportunity to show his works to a great public. In cooperation with renowned art galleries he has shown his works in the United States, in Germany, Austria, Portugal and in Sweden.

1988Kunstkabinett Schomaker, Bielefeld, Germany
1989Gordon Atelier, Palm Springs, California, USA
1990National Heritage Gallery of Fine Art, Beverly Hills, California, USA
1992Galerie des Beaux Artes, Cologne, Germany
1994Gemaelde Galerie Karin Spanovic, Baden-Baden, Germany
1996/97Raum und Kunst - International Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
1998Galeria de Arte do Casino do Estoril, Estoril, Portugal
1998Exhibition Portuguese Discoveries during the Expo 1998 in Lisbon, Portugal
2000/02The Museum Wuerth bought six paintings for their own collection. Kuenzelsau, Germany
2002Group exhibition The Phantastic Realism of the Wiener Schule, Casino Baden, Austria
2003Galerie Supper, Pforzheim, Germany
2005SD Galeria, Warsaw, Poland
2007Gallery Tamka, Warsaw, Poland
2008SD Gallery Polish Surrealists, Warsaw, Poland
2009Gallery WZ, Warsaw, Poland
2002 - 2015Current exhibition in the Walentowski Galleries in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Dubai
2005 - 2015Current exhibition in SD Galeria, Warsaw, Poland
2010 - 2015Current exhibition in Galleri New Form, Trelleborg, Sweden
2015 - Summer Gallary, Marbella, Spain
2016 - 2018ArtGalle, Stettin, Poland
2016 - Glaza Galery Gdansk, Poland
2017 - 2018National Museum in Warsaw, Group Exibition, Warsaw, Poland
2018 - 2019Cooperation with Art in House, Warsaw, Poland


Opening an own gallery in Bielefeld, Germany, 1994

Photo: Bielefeld, 1994

Tomasz Kostecki in front of his studio in Bielefeld, 1994


Exhibition Portuguese Discoveries during the Expo 1998 in Lisboa, Portugal

Photo: Lissabon, 1998

Photo: Lissabon, 1998

Photo: Lissabon, 1998

Museum Wuerth

Tomasz Kostecki was arranged by the Wuerth Company in Portugal to paint a portrait of Prof. Wuerth for their 25th annual jubilee in 1999. In the years 2000 and 2002 the Museum Wuerth bought six paintings for their own collection.

Painting: Prof. Wuerth, 1999

Porträt Prof. Wuerth

Photo: Prof. Wuerth, 1999

Tomasz Kostecki, Prof. Wuerth and José Carlos Viana

Photo: Prof. Wuerth, 1999

Prof. Würth and Tomasz Kostecki


Photo: Berlin, 2001

Photo: Berlin, 2001

Opening an own gallery in Berlin, Germany, 2001

Photo: Berlin, 2003

Exhibition Cultural Inspirations – Polish artists in Berlin. Berlin House of Representatives, Germany, 2003

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